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Advertising is not only the best Rap site of the moment, it’s also one of the most dynamic websites of his category.

RAP OU CREVE offers attractive music content to millions of users every month. We serve as the ideal platform to reach consumers, to promote our products and the videos or musics of your favorite artists.

RAP OU CREVE reach an ever-increasing number of informed young Internet users. We make communication very simple and effective to reach the desired audience.


We have standard IAB banners available in 1220x230, 550x220 et 262x262. Other larger formats are now available. Please ask our communication team.

Banners can be configured according to specific ads, georeferenced by city, state and country with all available formats. Banner ads are sold at the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or for fixed campaigns.

To personalize

From the company’s brand image to new product launches, we have worked with a wide range of corporate clients, music labels, small businesses and artists to deliver a variety of customized marketing campaigns.

To discuss customized integrations and opportunities for sponsored artists, please contact our communication team to discover the many options available.

Let’s show you what we can do together

If you desire to communicate on RAP OU CREVE, please email us at Our mission is to provide unrivaled customer service and make advertising on RAP OU CREVE the simplest and most efficient way to buy highly targeted online advertising impressions.