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R.A. The Rugged Man x A.F.R.O & DJ Jazzy Jeff - Gotta Be Dope

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Intro: A.F.R.O 
Aw shit, one two - yo 
Yo back up, nigga, back up - yo 


Verse 1: A.F.R.O 
The one in particular bringing the funk in the flavor the way that I rhyme 
And I run a perimeter, speaking it funny, I'm beatin' 'em dumb, and I'm takin' their life 
And I be the one to beat 'em in a game of Scrabble, wonder why they thinking that I'm ever so nice 
And I be the one to never get caught up in a scandal, 'cause you know the FRO just so precise 
And what I be doing impossible, I'ma abolish like all of 'em when the button is pressed 
I give it the throttle, and all of you will not see tomorrow when it's sudden death 
I be the one to give it all I got, I run it up into a speed to anybody tryna copy, gettin' smacked 
And then I'm ready for the battle, any moment, any minute 
I'ma turn into a killer any second, I'ma snap 
And I'ma get into a mood, and everybody better stay away or move 
'Cause anybody getting caught up in the show 
And then I hit 'em with a strike, and then they bleeding on the floor 
And then they gotta be aware that they was fuckin' with the FRO 
And any minute I'm ready, spittin' the heavy and I'm deadly 
I'm jetting, and I'ma make it on a setting of fast flow 
Sending a lyrical melody, giving it a felony
Fuck is you telling me? You better take your rap notes!
I'm gonna give it some breath from all of my rhyming and codes
I'm gonna give it some rest, but I deliver my best, time to let it be told
When I be spitting my best, I'm in an intricate zone
When I belittle your set, putting your riddle to rest
You're not defying my flow

Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man
Yo, Long as I'm living, never be the end of the era, came with the vendetta
We keeping it 80s, I'm tougher than leather
The ladies are loving me, bigger and deffer
Like Peter the Piper, been picking the pepper
I get it to give it a cervical injury
Kickin' the walls when I lived in the uterus
Fetus removing and doin' the stewardess
The Cooker, The Butcher, Vanilla Magilla Gorilla the villain the criminal killa'
Attila the Hun with the gun, the menace to the public
I'll pummel a puppet, political pundit
The better the battle, the inability to meddle with the better veteran
The heroin, the medicine, the venom with the menacing
A regiment of better men, they better get 'em in the tenement
I hit 'em in the head again
And Lennon with the Beatles singing 'Let it be', the legacy
The enemy to 'live a little', bit and when I hit 'em
With the minigun: the penalty to get them beheaded
The son of zebedee with the negative energy identity
They wanna get rid of us, I get it keeping it coming, the vigilante
Get it the medical, the beat'll be drumming
Gimme the record, the sicker the wigga deliver the gunnin, militant in the beginning with the military bucking
Did a SHINING, THE KILLING the kid'll be another Kubrick
And he givin' the KILLER the Kiss, diggin' the dick in the ditch
Livin' to resist, it a be a liberty, a genie givin' it a wish
Fuck the gibberish gibbery fast rappin' too quick
What happened to the boom bip, what you think you a Fu-Schnick?
You in the ocean with sharks, I'm Moses closing ocean parts
I'll burn you like Joan of Arcs, I sit you down like Rosa Parks

Bridge: DJ Jazzy Jeff, R.A. The Rugged Man & A.F.R.O
Gotta be dope-dope
Gotta be dope-d-d-d-d-d-dope
All Flows Reach Out
This is Rugged man himself y'all, R.A the Rugged Man
Got-got-got-gotta be dope-dope
Ja--Ja-Ja-Jazzy Jeff on the cut


Verse 3: A.F.R.O
And I'm R.A. The Rugged Man mixed with Sean Price
GZA, mix Rakim, Kane, Pharoahe Monch, I bomb mics
Puba, Sadat, Jamar, Tip, Ali and Phife
Naughty By Nature, Treach, Chip Fu, Chubb in each line
I'm G Rap in his prime, with each track devoured
So ease back when I rhyme or be blasted coward
He ready to get in the brawlin' and boxin', I'm calling the shots as top MC
And up on this beat, it's R and FRO, we Rocky and Apollo Creed!


Verse 4: R.A. The Rugged Man
The lyrical attack in the Attica prison
Genetics, eugenics, a Gattaca vision
A Hindu Ramanujan, mathematician
I'm cooking the heat up, I'm back in the kitchen
I'm Super Lover Cee, Steady B, Heavy D
Like the MCs Schoolly D, and Just Ice, and Ice-T
The illa' tomorrow Gonzalo Pizarro
No beg or borrow, the gold, El Dorado
Dillinger in Chicago, the Kilimanjaro
The Mister Mxyzptlk, the villain Bizarro
The high octane, the rain of Mozart brain
The end game of Sharpe pain, the pen game of Mark Twain

This is the Rugged Man-Rugged Man
Gotta be dope
Th-th-th-th-th-th-this is the Rugged Man-Rugged Man
Jazzy Jeff on the cut-cut
This is the Rugged Man-Rugged Man
Gotta be dope
This is Rugged man himself y'all, R.A the Rugged Man
Got-gotta-gotta be dope-dope-dope-dope-dope

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