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Jamo Gang x Ras Kass, J57, Slug, El Gant & Dj Premier - The 1st Time

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23 mai 2020, 02:03 0 Commentaires


RIP Guru 
(And I said it the first time) 
(And I said it the first time) 


Verse 1: Ras Kass 
Mic check mic check, one two one two 
Like a Biz Markie song, is this thing on? 
I battled Godzilla and dissed King Kong 
Then pull out a handgun that's six feet long 
Mumble rappers getting paid, what they hitting for? 
We the best, cut a check, start a bidding war 
Redefine premier, we primetime, combine crimes 
Beats and rhymed lines (And I said it the first time) 
Hang in there like Aaron Hernandez 
She got a dope personality if you can get to it 
Cause screw it, can't even get near love 
She on train fully immersed in her earbuds 
Speed walking, stop it, Steve Hawkin 
Bro paralyzed, so how is he even talking? 
I don't know 
It ain't a Jamo Gang gig, then I don't show 


Verse 2: J57 
Yo, they pass the torch, I live a dream like Vanilla Sky 
Been vilified and criticized, but still alive 
Edible complex from Mother Earth, the son immersed 
King of the underdogs, battle-scarred for what it's worth 
Uh, but what do I know, I'm just a wino 
A vicious cycle, started out like [?] 
I'm auto rifle, then not a typo 
Hydro smoking ninety-nine defined around the time of my life 
They call me '57 
Yeah, ain't nothing new we down with the goat (Preem) 
Yeah, Jamo juggling jugulars going right for their throat 
And I quote, we down with Atmosphere and the fact is clear 
There's no one on a level this elevated 

Verse 3: Slug
One, two, three and to the four
In the corner of the bar started peeing on the floor
Break my neck trying to peep the score
But that's not a tv, that's the pizza warmer
I was with your mom, you should call her soon
Fit your whole universe in my laundry room
Y'all pussy, you probably got a mouse in your mouth
And don't come out of your house (and I said it the first time)
I talk my shit, I fly this frisbee
Lost in the mix of that Irish whiskey
I just spent a little time in your city
But I hit decline 'cause I was kind of busy
You can probably find me at the back of the line
I always show up late and I don't even know why
It doesn't matter, Im'a be twenty minutes behind
Don't even ask me 'bout it (and I said it the first time)


Verse 4: El Gant
Yeah, til the second my soul pass on
I'm trying to see in the future like Donnie Darko
[?] man with a mask on
If the planet stops spinning, I spit this last song
Inside my vision, the limited in this rare form
Half gone like a chemtrail
We don't go together like a bucket of friend chicken and fresh kale
I'm half a train to the track riding the left rail
Y'all half a brain when you rap, decide that your pen fail
Men frail, let's sail or wait until the sun set on this boat
I stay woke like stiff of crystal meth [?]
Wash it down with Starbucks tall cup, chock up
And deadlift these stars fuck
You won't find truth in your Apple Watch
It's possible what I say in popular or profitable
[?] Hayden Fox
So pay your racist cops
[?] apocalypse that we pay to watch

(And I said it the first time)

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